About the Berry Street School

The Berry Street School is a specialist independent school that supports 150 students across years 7-12.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do, which is why our programs are designed to meet their individual needs. Our curriculum is delivered with high expectations for student learning and has a focus on helping students build the tools they need for a successful future.

Students at our school have become disengaged from mainstream education. They come from a variety of backgrounds: some have experienced bullying in mainstream schools and some are in out-of-home care (foster, kinship and residential care). This means they often have gaps in their learning.

These students need specialised support to keep them on track with their learning and ensure they have the same opportunities as their peers. Without this support, young people are at risk of disengaging completely from education, which can lead to poorer life outcomes.


Map of victoria showing school campuses in Ballarat, Morwell, Noble Park and SheppartonCampus locations


The first Berry Street School campus opened in 2003 in Noble Park as a response to local need.

The school has since grown to four campuses in areas where demand for a specialist school was high: Noble Park, Morwell, Shepparton and Ballarat.




The Berry Street Education Model

diagram showing domains of BSEM: Body, Stamina, Relationship, Character, EngagementThe Berry Street School uses the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM), which is informed by our approaches to trauma-informed learning and the science of wellbeing.

The model empowers teachers to meet the specific needs of young people and increase students’ engagement with learning. It also helps students improve their self-regulation, growth and academic achievement.

Through BSEM, our school provides a stable, supportive and flexible environment to support students to engage with their studies.



Our learning and teaching approach

We believe all children and young people have the right to a high-quality education that helps them thrive, achieve and belong. Berry Street School students are taught in a varied and flexible way, adapting to their academic requirements and interests.

Every student has an individual education plan with clear learning goals and outcomes, as well as broad life and behaviour goals. These plans help ensure success for every student and allow staff to adapt each young person’s learning to build on their strengths and support them in their life goals. → Learn more about our learning and teaching approach.



Pathways Program

Two students working on a laptop togetherThe Berry Street School's goal is to help all young people be successful on their pathways of choice. As students prepare to leave school, the Pathways Program supports them to develop an individualised plan so they can transition into further education or employment.

The program gives students access to classroom-based learning, work experience and applied training through VET certificates. After graduation, we also regularly check in and provide support to our young people.



Outcomes for students

Our school ensures all students can:

  • learn to self-regulate so they can focus and concentrate better in class
  • commit to their own measurable academic growth
  • learn strategies to become independent and autonomous learners in their schooling, pathway choices and adulthood
  • develop an education plan with clear learning goals and outcomes, as well as broad life and behaviour goals.

Stories from our school

Teacher at the front of a class
Explore a day at our school through the eyes of our teachers: "We focus on the good in our students and give them positive, unconditional reinforcement from day one."
Lara, Berry Street School student, drawing
"It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done previously, Berry Street School offers a clean slate." Our school is helping Lara get the most out of her education.
Philip, Berry Street School student
At his old school, Philip was bullied. Scared and anxious, he found it hard to make friends and would refuse to attend. Now at the Berry Street School, Philip goes every day, with a big smile on his face.
Amy and Rebecca, Assistant Principals at the Berry Street School
From rewarding moments to inevitable challenges, two of our Assistant Principals share their unique experiences of working at a specialist school.

Get in touch

For more information about our school or to make a referral, please contact your closest campus:

Noble Park
Assistant Principal Amy Mazzitelli
E: amazzitelli@berrystreet.org.au

Assistant Principal Rebecca Robinson
E: rrobinson@berrystreet.org.au

Assistant Principal Damian McKee
E: dmckee@berrystreet.org.au

Assistant Principal Teresa Deshon
E: tdeshon@berrystrret.org.au

Alternatively, to speak with a staff member over the phone, please call 03 9429 9266.

More information

Berry Street School - 2019 Annual Report - Thrive - Achieve - Belong

Download the latest Berry Street School annual report PDF direct to your computer.

Berry Street School Practice Approach

The nine domains of the Berry Street School Practice Approach are vital for Berry Street students to thrive, achieve and belong.