We are Victoria’s largest independent child and family services organisation.

We help children, young people and families recover from the devastating effects of violence, abuse and neglect. Our focus is on the right of every child to a good childhood, growing up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.


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Christmas Gift Appeal

We have launched a new online gift catalogue to help fulfil the Christmas wishes of children in our care.

Help us bring Christmas wishes to children who have suffered violence, abuse and neglect, by ensuring they have a special gift to open at Christmas and a message that someone cares.

For many of these children, the gift from Berry Street may be the only one they receive this Christmas.

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140 Years: Restoring Trust and Hope

Berry Street is celebrating its 140th birthday this year – and we've published a history book to commemorate it.

The book charts the history of Berry Street across three centuries from its beginnings as Melbourne’s Berry Street Babies’ Home in 1877 to its current status as Victoria’s largest independent child and family services organisation. Interestingly, Berry Street’s history is Melbourne’s history and also traces the development of children’s and women’s rights in Victoria.

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Help restore hope and trust...

Help provide care and support
Can help provide care and support to a child affected by abuse, violence and neglect
Help pay for Foster Carer training
Can pay for training for foster carers, so we can move more distressed children into safe homes
Help pay for therapy
Can go towards therapy and counselling so an abused child like Ben can recover and reach their full potential
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Last year we helped


children and young people were provided with safe homes


children received support to help heal trauma


children and young people helped with education, training and employment


people and families were helped by our family violence team
Help kids like Amy
Children like Amy are facing so much abuse and violence, it isn't safe for them to stay at home. Your donation will help give frightened children safety and care.
140 years protecting children
We started out in Melbourne in 1877, as the Berry Street Babies’ Home, caring for abandoned babies and mothers with no shelter or support.
Helping Children to Learn - Berry Street Education Model
Our Education Model provides schools with the training, curriculum and strategies to engage the most challenging students.
Would you open your door to a child in need?
In Victoria, the number of children who cannot live safely at home has risen every year over the last ten years. With your help they can heal and look forward to the future.