Take Two

Take Two is an intensive therapeutic service for infants, children and young people who have suffered trauma, neglect and disrupted attachment. It provides high quality therapeutic services for families, as well as contributing to the service system that provides care, support and protection for these children. Take Two is a Victoria-wide service funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, and is also involved in partnership with therapeutic foster care, Aboriginal therapeutic home-based care, therapeutic residential care and the Stronger Families service.

We know that care alone is not sufficient to help children and young people recover from the trauma of family violence, abuse and neglect. Take Two works intensively with the distressed child or young person, and their carers, families and teachers, to help them understand their pain and learn to trust again.

Berry Street’s Take Two Program is a partnership with: 

  • La Trobe University: Social Work and Social Policy, Department of Community and Allied Health

  • Mindful Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health

  • Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)

Take Two also provides training, research and consultancy.

More information on Take Two, including research reports, resources and FAQs