Cara's Story

Cara wasn’t sure what she wanted to do out of high school. It had been a rough journey through her own adolescent years, and frankly there were times she was surprised she even made it through.

She felt like she had never found the right job. At the age of 27 she was married with two young children and was looking to go back to work. Cara thought about her own rough start to life and thought she could give something back. She decided to enrol in a Diploma of Youth Work and loved it. When she saw an opportunity to join Berry Street’s Residential Care Team she jumped at it.

Cara describes her average day at work as seeing the best and worst of teenagers. She describes that feeling of really making a difference when you are doing the simple things like cooking dinner together. Like all jobs there are bits you would rather not do, like the cleaning, but most of the time is spent with the kids, and that makes the job so worthwhile.


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