Two Ways Together

Supporting Aboriginal Families and Children

Through dialogue with Aboriginal people, we have come to a better understanding of the harm of past policies of child and family separation. In 2006, this led us to apologise for this harm and motivated us to advocate for the development of Aboriginal community based services to support Aboriginal families in caring for and protecting their children. By pursuing a Two Ways Together approach we will work with Aboriginal families and services, learn from their experiences, share our experiences and build a better support system for all children. 

Currently Aboriginal families and children experience significantly higher levels of poverty, homelessness, chronic disease unemployment and as a consequence significantly reduced life-expectancy. These issues and the inter-generational trauma from the widespread separation of Aboriginal children from their families are driving the over representation of Aboriginal children in child protection. 

Key Areas of Advocacy and Action

  • Development of holistic universal community based Aboriginal child and family welfare support services
  • Support for Aboriginal early years services to develop, run and model best practice child development programs built around Aboriginal child rearing practices
  • Establishment of an Aboriginal children’s guardian position to drive child protection reforms that redress the over representation of Aboriginal children in child protection


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