John's Story

John was removed from his mother as a baby, but was later returned home. This was disastrous for him and at 18 months he was removed again and placed with foster carers. He couldn’t walk, make sound, endure eye contact or acknowledge human presence.

With the love, persistence and expertise of the foster carers and the team supporting them, he quickly made up the progress he had lost. He celebrated his second birthday as every two-year-old should – curious, feeling loved and engaged in the world.


Help children like John

Berry Street provides training and support for over 200 Foster Care and Kinship Care households across Victoria, but many more are needed.

In Victoria the rate of children in out-of-home care is higher than the national average for Australia.

Since 2011, this rate has increased by 50.9% in Victoria.

Last year 776 children and young people were cared for through Berry Street by 444 carers. Many more are needed.

Help children like John:
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