Western Region Family Violence

Our Western Region offer Family Violence support to the Central Highlands (9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday) which includes Ballarat, Wimmera, Horsham and stretches to the South Australian border. After hours support is available to North Western District and Central Highlands area via the same contact phone number (crisis situations only).

T: 03 5331 3558
E: grampiansfamilyviolence@berrystreet.org.au

Family Violence support:

Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm

After Hours (Crisis only):

T: 03 5331 3558


Call 000 if you or someone you know is in danger.


Services available:


After Hours Crisis Support

Referral to After Hours family violence crisis support.

Case Work

Intensive case management providing short and medium term support for complex issues and advocacy.

Child Protection Joint Visits/Investigations 

Initial joint client interviews/home visits to identify and clarify risks and concerns and implement safety planning. Our program can offer advocacy support and case management as we aim to engage at an earlier point. 


Facilitated referrals to family violence counselling and children’s therapy programs.

Court Support

Support provided at: Ballarat Magistrates Court (Family Violence).

Crisis Response

Providing an immediate crisis response to women and children who are at risk and those who are fleeing family violence.

Housing Responses

Advocacy with/and referral to housing services. Providing information about housing services and referral to women’s refuges and emergency housing.


Telephone and/or face to face: risk assessment, safety planning, information referral and support for women experiencing family violence, and secondary consultation for professionals supporting them.

Men’s Family Violence Engagement worker  

Initial joint client interviews with child protection to engage with men to identify and manage risk, identify needs, inform risk assessment  for women and children and enhance  safety planning. The men’s engagement worker has a focus on fathering and engages men in conversation about their children and the impact of family violence upon their children. 

Site-based Outreach

Site-based ‘face to face’ risk assessment, safety planning, advocacy support for women and secondary consultation for professionals provided by family violence workers embedded in mainstream services in local areas.

Skype Lawyer

Access to interim legal advice with a highly skilled family law solicitor - free of charge.

High Risk Management Program

The program applies a holistic approach to an action plan via a Risk Assessment Management Panel (RAMP) that aims to reduce risk and improve safety to deliver better outcomes for women and children who are at high risk of complex family violence through a multi-agency approach.