Building Stronger Families

Family Violence services
As an organisation that provides specialist family violence services, we can assist women, LGBTIQ+ people and children who have experienced any form of family violence.
Young boy looking out into the distance
Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family and community-based model of treatment for young people at risk of entering or who have recently entered out-of-home care.
Building Stronger Families - Post Separation Services
In Shepparton, Berry Street offers the Children's Contact Service and the Supporting Parents After Separation. These services assist parents to parent cooperatively and decrease the stress and emotional impact on children. 
MoneyMinded is financial literacy training developed with ANZ to help our clients increase their financial skills and knowledge. Topics include planning and budgeting, dealing with debt, and rights and responsibilities.
Saver Plus is a 10-month financial literacy and matched savings program. It supports people to build savings for their own or their children's education. It also strengthens participants’ capacity to save money.

Morwell 4 Kids

Morwell 4 Kids is a community initiative that brings about positive change in the Morwell area. It will create opportunities that support and enrich childhood for local children and young people. The initiative will listen and consult with children, parents, families, business, community groups, community service organisations and local government. We will work to create and deliver on a shared vision for Morwell as a place of opportunity for children.
Building Stronger Families - Early Learning is Fun
Early Learning is Fun (ELF) is a community initiative to promote the importance of investing in children under five years old. ELF activities encourage parents to connect with their children every day: to read stories, talk, sing songs and play with them. Visit our Learning & Development website to learn more.