Our Services

Our Work Providing a Safe Home - Foster Care

We are committed to ensuring that children and young people who have experienced trauma have a safe and secure place to live through our foster, kinship and residential care services.

Healing Childhood Trauma - Take Two

We help children heal and recover from the trauma of abuse and neglect through programs such as our Take Two intensive therapeutic program, counselling and outdoor adventure programs.

Our Work Helping Children to Learn - Berry Street School

We know experiences of trauma, neglect & family violence impact on a child’s ability to learn. Through our School, Education Model and vocational training we enhance children and young people’s capacity to achieve in education and training.

Our Work Building Stronger Families - ChildFIRST

Through our family violence and family support services, we help families build their parenting and conflict resolution skills so they can better provide for their children’s needs.

Recent Advocacy Work

Through advocacy and professional development, we help policy makers, service providers, researchers and the community better understand what is required for all children to have a good childhood.

Our Work Supporting Past Clients

Through services such as Open Place and our Heritage Service, we support adults who grew up in Victorian children’s institutions during the last Century with counselling, support and record searches.

Our Impact

Sophie showed signs of chronic childhood abuse, but with the dedication of her specially trained carers she is learning to trust again.

At 18 months old John couldn’t walk or endure eye contact, but with the love and persistence of his carers he is quickly making up progress.

Help young people like David

David’s exposure to prolonged family violence resulted in trouble at school. Specialist residential care is helping David realise his potential.

Jake had been excluded from mainstream schools. The Berry Street School’s approach is helping him re-engage and realise his strengths.

Exposure to family violence left three year old Bella traumatised. Counsellors are helping her and her mother to understand the effects of their trauma.