Apology - Elizabeth Abuoi

Friday, October 26, 2018

On 4 May 2018, we published this photograph. The photo is of one of the members of the South Sudanese community, Elizabeth Abuoi, and her son. Elizabeth appears as a model and volunteer of Berry Street. 


We note that this photograph was used in a recent story referring to a case study of a migrant from Somalia. Elizabeth was not the subject of the story, and she was in no way connected to the case study that was presented. The photograph was used merely to illustrate the story. In particular we wish to make it clear that Elizabeth has never experienced any violence from her family or her husband. She and her husband have a very happy and loving family and are strong contributors to the community. 

We apologise to Elizabeth and her family for any hurt and distress caused by the post, and to the wider South Sudanese community for any confusion caused.

We would like to remind our Facebook community that in order to protect the identity of our clients, we only use images of models and volunteers after gaining their permission to use their photograph. Names in the stories are also changed in the interests of protection and privacy.