Raise money on your special day

Asking for donations in lieu of gifts on your special day, be it your wedding, anniversary, or birthday is an incredibly thoughtful way to celebrate.

Incorporating Berry Street into your special occasion to raise funds for children most in need couldn’t be easier. Take a look at our top tips and ideas to get your fundraising started and off to a flying start!

  • Set up an Everyday Hero page to collect donations in lieu of presents. Once you’ve set yours up, you can spread the word about the amazing thing you’re doing and share the page with your friends, family and colleagues on all your social media channels.
  • Ask  your friends and loved ones to buy a gift package for a child who can’t live safely at home from our gift catalogue.
  • Collect cash at your celebration event with our collection tins. Just let us know about your event and we can send some out to you.
  • We can send you awareness leaflets and other materials to display at your event and give to guests to spread the word about the cause you’re supporting. Get in touch to request our materials and tell us about your plans.

If you have any questions about how to support Berry Street on your special day call us on 1800 237 797 or email supportus@berrystreet.org.au.


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