How Berry Giving, Berry Street’s Workplace Giving Program, works: 

  1. Your workplace makes a decision to establish a workplace giving program 

  2. Your workplace promotes the Berry Giving program and encourages employees to participate (We can provide you with ideas on how to communicate the program) 

  3. Individuals fill in a form to nominate the amount of money they would like to donate from their pre-tax income 

  4. The stipulated donation amount is deducted from the individual’s salary as a pre-tax amount via the usual payroll process 

  5. The payroll manager tallies the total contributions from employees and deposits these regularly to Berry Street 

  6. Berry Street provides the organisation with an annual statement of contributions at the end of each financial year 

  7. Berry Street provides interested employees with access to a half yearly newsletter containing updates on Berry Street programs and initiatives


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To find out more about establishing a BerryGiving program at your organisation, please submit a corporate enquiry online or call 1800 237 797 to speak with our Corporate Relationships Manager.

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