Support us in your workplace this Christmas

Looking to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility? Your corporate gift page can be made bespoke to your brand, complete with your logo, wording and a gift target set by you so your staff can see the difference they’re making.
Many of the children we support can’t live safely at home and receiving their most wished for gift at Christmas so often remains just that – a wish. Through our corporate virtual gift page, your staff can make these wishes come true. 

Have a Christmas tree in your office? We can send you exclusive Berry Street gift baubles for you to decorate it with!

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Workplace Giving

Our workplace giving program is an efficient and tax-effective way to support Berry Street, with donations made directly from an individual’s pre-tax pay. It offers employers a cost-effective way of demonstrating their commitment to charitable causes.

Take on a challenge

Whether you have a running group at work, or your department wants to band together to make a difference, get your colleagues together and sign up as a team to run, walk, or trek for children in need.

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Raise funds and awareness at work

There are loads of ways to boost staff morale and engagement on a grass roots level. Small actions can make a huge impact, so go head to head with teams for a bake off, start planning your next coffee morning, or dress down to raise awareness of vulnerable children across Victoria.


Corporate volunteering is an important way for businesses to engage their employees in meaningful causes, often in their immediate community. Berry Street strives to provide mutually beneficial volunteering opportunities as a key component of our corporate partnerships. 

As our highly sought after corporate volunteering opportunities are limited, we can only offer these as part of a broader partnership agreement. Volunteering must be complemented by at least one other form of support, such as workplace giving, pro bono services, or direct program funding.

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