Foster carer Pam has fostered 20 children, many of whom have suffered significant levels of trauma and abuse. Carers like Pam provide a safe and caring home together with the right therapeutic support, giving children the best chance to heal and recover from difficult past experiences.

Pam hasn’t been alone in her journey as a foster carer. She has taken many training courses with Berry Street over the years, developing an understanding of different types of approaches, as well as working with specialised therapists to help her understand the behaviour of young people and children in her care.

This support and knowledge have been invaluable for her as she cares for 10 year old Jenny, who had over 27 placements in foster care and attended no less than seven schools before going to live with Pam.

“A lot of Jenny’s challenging behaviour was based on fear, rather than anger,” Pam says. “Understanding that she was reacting from fear made a huge difference in how I worked with her, trying to help her make sense of her emotions.”

With Pam’s support, Jenny is recovering from some of the devastating effects of abuse and neglect. A pivotal, memorable moment for Pam came when she was sitting on a park bench, having a disagreement with Jenny.

“In the middle of the argument, Jenny came around the bench for a hug. She was wanting to reach out for support and affection, even in the midst of her anger and fear… It’s those sort of moments that make it all worthwhile.”


You’re not in it alone when you decide to become a foster carer.

We work closely with carers to give them the support that they need.

Berry Street's Foster Carers have access to: 

  • 24/7 support and practical help from a dedicated team of experienced professionals
  • financial support in the form of a fortnightly, tax-free reimbursement
  • ongoing training and access to support programs to help develop skills in areas like behaviour management and therapeutic care


Would you open your door to a child in need?

Anyone can become a foster carer as long as they are over 21 and can provide a child their own room in a safe and nurturing home environment. Berry Street carers come from a wonderfully diverse range of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences.


Change a life. Become a foster carer.

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Berry Street is currently looking for families like yours who can provide emergency, respite, short term and long term care for vulnerable children and young people across our regions.
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