Matt and Harrison have been Berry Street foster carers for over 10 years. They currently care for Maddox and Ashley. Both boys have been with Matt and Harrison for over three years.

Matt says that being a foster carer has helped them to appreciate what they have and recognise their ability to offer something back to others. An ongoing benefit has been witnessing the impact foster care has on the children, “It provides these children with stability and a sense of being loved by another family, regardless of whether they are having a good or bad day,” says Matt.

“Berry Street has helped us significantly by acting as a sounding board for any questions or issues that have come up, no matter how small. Even after hours, we have been able to get assistance if one of the kids has been sick. We’ve had several case workers for these two kids over the years and every Berry Street case worker has been very supportive, caring and lovely to both the kids and us. 

I think Berry Street workers are doing an amazing job and always feel that my suggestions and concerns are listened to and matter,” adds Harrison.

Matt and Harrison would recommend foster care to everyone. “I think it’s the best thing we’ve done and we love the kids in our care. As carers, we’re seen as part of the team at Berry Street - they respect our opinions and we feel valued,” explains Matt.


You’re not in it alone when you decide to become a foster carer.

We work closely with carers to give them the support that they need.

Berry Street's Foster Carers have access to: 

  • 24/7 support and practical help from a dedicated team of experienced professionals
  • financial support in the form of a fortnightly, tax-free reimbursement
  • ongoing training and access to support programs to help develop skills in areas like behaviour management and therapeutic care


Would you open your door to a child in need?

Anyone can become a foster carer as long as they are over 21 and can provide a child their own room in a safe and nurturing home environment. Berry Street carers come from a wonderfully diverse range of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences.


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Berry Street is currently looking for families like yours who can provide emergency, respite, short term and long term care for vulnerable children and young people across our regions.