Client Feedback Form

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I felt welcome when I first visited or contacted Berry Street
I felt that the worker understood the kind of help I was looking for
A range of choices were discussed with me
I was involved in making decisions
My worker made sure I understood what was going on (for example, they used clear language or an interpreter)
My worker did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it
I was provided with information about my rights regarding privacy
I was told how to make a complaint if I needed to
I feel that my rights as an individual were respected
I was shown respect for my culture and language
Berry Street provided me with the help I needed
If a friend was going through the same things that I was, I would recommend that they contact Berry Street for help
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I believe that things have improved in my life
I believe that things will improve in my life in the future, even if they haven't improved yet
I feel I can cope better with the issues in my life, even when the issues have not gone away
I am aware of more options to get the help I need
I have a better idea about how to keep myself safe
I feel that I have more support that I can rely on in my life