Children like Lucas need your help

Help children out of a dark and fearful place.

Many children in Berry Street’s care have been victims of, or witnesses to, family violence. The resulting trauma traps these children in dark and fearful places. They become isolated from the world around them –afraid of adults and without the love and care they need to grow and thrive. With your support we can help these children out of the dark and fearful places in which they are trapped and help them recover from their trauma.

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Children like Lucas need your help

Children like Lucas need your help

Lucas was 6 when he came to Berry Street. Lucas was a victim of family violence and was so affected by his past of abuse and trauma, he struggled in traditional foster care homes. He didn’t know how to communicate or what it felt like to live in a stable home where he was safe from violence.  We placed him in a Teaching Family Model house which is a new innovative type of care.

Now his Teaching Family Carers, Alice and Paul, his first positive adult role models are teaching him how to live in a family, how to communicate and how to be a child.

"When Lucas first came to us he was so fearful of everything and everyone.”

– Alice, Lucas’ Teaching Family Carer

Your gift will help even more children have a better future

Your generosity can enable Berry Street to help the growing numbers of deeply traumatised children like Lucas find safe homes.
A gift of your choice.
Can help buy toys and clothes for children who have nothing of their own, giving them comfort and a sense of belonging.
Can help buy bedroom furniture and bedding to decorate their new bedrooms, giving these children a space of their own.
Can help recruit and provide specialist Teaching Family Carers like Alice and Paul, to help these children recover from their trauma.

How your gift will help give these kids a brighter future

Clothes and toys for a child in need

Give them clothes and toys of their own.

Many children arrive at Berry Street with only the clothes they are wearing. They may have grown up without clean clothes, or toys of their own to play with. Giving children warm clean clothes and toys makes them feel cared for and allows them to play, imagine and have the freedom to be a child.

Furniture and bedding for a child in need

Provide furniture and bedding to make their new house a home.

When children are placed in a Teaching Family Home they are encouraged to decorate their bedroom how they would like. For many children this is the first time they have a space of their own. A place where they are safe, and they can start to recover from their trauma.

Teaching Family Carers

Provide specialist Teaching Family Carers in a specialised environment.

We receive some government support but it’s not enough to provide the specialised training that is required for the Teaching Family Carers. They are vital for the successful recovery of children who are suffering from severe trauma and neglect.