Our Purpose and Values

Our Vision

Together we will courageously change lives and reimagine service systems.

Our Purpose

We believe children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful.

Our Approach

To see our purpose come to life, there’s an approach we take that encompasses everything we do. This approach describes the way we work together and alongside our service users to deliver the best possible outcomes.

We relate

This is the way we respect, support, build and strengthen our relationships with service users, staff, government, sponsors, donors and partners, as well as each other. We listen. We forge strategic partnerships. We collaborate to make an impact. 

We innovate

This is the way we combine insights and evidence with practical experience, whether as clinicians, practitioners or operational staff. We develop new ideas and solutions, we look to be more efficient and scalable, and we integrate to drive a better experience for our service users. We approach everything that we do with an innovative mindset.

We advocate

This is the way we seek and inspire change, challenge social injustice and inequity, and influence change in public policy for system reform and better outcomes. We seek change towards what we believe in and feel deeply about. We are guided by courage, respect, integrity, accountability and working together.
Learn more how we will work towards our purpose and vision in our Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

Our Values

Berry Street staff are guided by our five values: Courage, Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Working Together. 


Berry Street's values - Courage



"It takes courage challenging the status quo. Some people will say we've always done it that way. Well, why?" Holly Ames, Team Leader, Home-Based Care - Noble Park

Berry Street's values - Integrity


“It’s about being transparent, honest and open, not only with the young people we’re supporting but with other stakeholders who are involved.”  Alishya Tanos, Intensive Case Management Services - Noble Park
Berry Street's values - Respect


 “I’ve never, ever promised a young person in our care something unless I’ve been 100% sure it’s going to be deliverable.”  Vince Simeone, Senior Manager, Property Services - Central
Berry Street's values - Accountability


“Without a set of values to guide you through difficult decision‑making, through competing demands, it can be easy to get lost... you need a true north.”  Dallas Ambry, Research and Evaluation Team Leader - Take Two
Berry Street's values - Working Together

Working Together

“Everyone is wrapped around achieving the best possible outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and families. It makes me feel really proud to work at Berry Street.”  Adam Dunn, Clinical Team Leader, Aboriginal Team - Take Two