Why Work with Us

Working for Berry Street means being part of a passionate and supportive team with a strong focus on supervision, professional development and reflective work practices. This approach helps us to ensure we are always learning and improving on our practice. We value individual contributions and encourage open communication amongst our staff. 

We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy work life balance and offer our staff paid parental leave, carers leave, study leave, and other flexible working arrangements which may be negotiated. Our salaries are competitive with options for increasing remuneration through salary packaging. If you believe in the work we do and identify with our values, you should consider joining our team.

Working at Berry Street you will:


Be supported to be the best you can be. We have a strong focus on support and supervision, ensuring our staff are provided with the environment to reflect on their work and practice.


Be provided with learning opportunities. Our comprehensive internal training calendar provides staff with many learning opportunities. We may also support staff with study if it will develop their skills in their current or aspiration role.


Work in a supportive work environment. We provide an Employee Assistance Program, have Equal Opportunity Contact Officers, debriefing (when required), and encourage open communication between staff and their managers. 


Be encouraged to participate in service improvement and policy development through team meetings, the annual Employee Opinion Survey and various internal forums.


Be supported to achieve positive work/life balance. We offer paid parental leave, carers leave and study leave. Other flexible working arrangements may be negotiated, depending on the requirements of the role. Whilst the hours in most positions are fixed, we are flexible with start and finish times.


Have access to salary packaging. We pay above award rates and with the option for salary packaging, the salary we offer is competitive.

What our Staff say:

90.4% of our staff would recommend Berry Street as a good place to work


95.6% of our staff report regularly laughing and enjoying each other’s company


91% of staff report that their supervisor is available to coach and guide them when required


97.6% of staff believe Berry Street advocates for the needs of our clients, working to improve the system and the outcomes we can achieve.

99.4% of our staff believe that the work we do makes a difference to the communities we serve. 

More than 82% of our staff acknowledge that they have received high quality training relevant to their role in the last 12 months.

"My time here, although short and sweet, feels as though I have been here for many years. You have made an everlasting impression on me. I hope to one day return to Berry Street, when the time is right for my family"

- Member of our Administration Team, 2015


"I have enjoyed and grown so much working for such a wonderful, supportive and dynamic organisation and have built on my leadership and organisational skills via the projects and roles that were offered to me"

- Community Development Worker, 2014


"There are no words to express the gratitude I have for the experiences Berry Street has provided me, the opportunities I’ve had, the friendships I’ve made and professional connections and relationships I have formed."
- Take Two Team Member, 2014