Frequently Asked Questions


What type of students does Berry Street take for placement?

Berry Street accepts a wide variety of students on placement each year. All students must be completing a qualification (Certificate IV and above) where a placement is a part of the course requirements, and they have been supported by their education provider to complete a placement with Berry Street.

If you are unsure if Berry Street is the right place to complete your placement, speak with your Education Provider and check the criteria for your student placement.  


I’m a student but my course doesn’t require me to complete a placement. Can I volunteer instead?

Due to the demand and number of applications we receive for student placements with Berry Street, we are unfortunately only able to accommodate those that are part of course requirements, and not able to provide volunteer placements.

If you are looking for volunteer work in the community sector, the links below may be of assistance:

Do you take international students seeking an internship in Australia?

Unfortunately, we can’t assist in your request for a placement or internship while you’re here in Australia. 


Can I do my work experience at Berry Street?

Given the nature of the work Berry Street does and issues of client confidentiality, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to offer these kind of opportunities.

I have to research an organisation for my assignment and I want to look at Berry Street. Can you help me? 

Most of the information you would need for an assignment can be found on our website. Have a look at the following links: