"When I grow up I want to be… a social worker!" - Charlie's Story

Most kids want to be firemen, or teachers, or doctors or even super heroes when they grow up. When Charlie told her folks she was going to study social work, she was advised that the money wasn’t great and maybe she should think again. However, after five years in the job, Charlie was more certain than ever that the benefits of the work were far greater than other roles where she could earn more money.

Charlie started out her career working in the Department of Human Services. She then moved in to the not for profit sector working in foster care, linking kids and carers to create new temporary families. She was now really excited that she was about to start a job working in Intensive Case Management.

She felt like the case load was going to allow her to really know her clients, and therefore to achieve better outcomes for them. She was also excited about engaging with a range of other professionals and to assist them coordinate the needs of the client through care teams. The teenagers were challenging at times, but they were also funny, caring and brave. This was the type of job where the rewards would never be counted in dollars.


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