"A Special Kind of Teacher" - Brydie's Story

Brydie had been a teacher in a Catholic Secondary school for 8 years. She loved her work and had fond memories of many of her students. But she found herself worrying about the kids who had fallen out of mainstream schooling. 

She had some success in supporting a few of them to stay, but there were others where she knew that they had more potential than the system was giving them credit for.

Brydie had looked for professional development to better support vulnerable kids and whilst she was on a course she heard about Berry Street’s School. Brydie was so excited to hear about the student to teacher ratios. She realised that in this type of environment she would be so much better placed to deliver individualised education for each student. She was also really excited to hear about Berry Street’s model of education that blended positive psychology with a trauma informed approach. It made such good sense.

When a role was advertised Brydie applied. Meeting the other staff at the school gave her such great insights in to the culture they had created and she was amazed at the learning outcomes the school was achieving. She loved how they celebrated both the big and small successes of the students. Brydie is now a happy member of the team, and whilst there are still some kids she wishes she could do more for, most days she feels like she is making a real difference.


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